Hello. Jak8 again. I think it's about time I make another blog post (the only reason why I haven't been making blog posts is because nothing really interesting was happening), because I am now going to be a modder of Cars: Hi-Octane Edition alongside NASCARrules33 and Vladmir29. I will be doing textures, so if anybody wants to request a texture, then please tell me on either the Skin Requests page, the Forum, the Cars: Hi-Octane Mod main page, or here on this blog. Please don't post a request on any other page as I will not respond to it, even if it's a page I'm at almost all the time (like the Cars: Hi-Octane Mod Glitches page). Thank you. I'm so sorry, CatQuangAnh, that you quit because of getting run off, but I will try my best to be like you were before. Note, however, that I will need to take a little while to make textures for the mod, and then I have to test them out in the game, but once I do, it's guarenteed to be in the next version of the mod (assuming there will be one at the time of when I finish testing it out).