Hello. Jak8/Jack/Puffjak8 here. And I've decided that I'm going to be doing a video series on youtube, commemorating the mod, all it's become, the modders, and most importantly, Teancum, who created the Cars: Hi-Octane Mod, but is also for Infinikip who is leaving for at least a little while. The video series is going to be a speed run of the Cars: Mater-National Story Mode on Expert difficulty, so if I seem like I'm trying to get through the story mode very quickly, that's why (a speed run is where you try to complete the story of a game in the fastest time possible by practicing the game, as well as learning how to do certain glitches and exploits to help you get through even faster than normal, which, unfortunately, Cars: Mater National doesn't have many extremely helpful glitches or expliots, but maybe it does, and I just need to find them). I don't know how many videos it will be, but I will try my best to make it as few videos as possible. It will fall under the Any% category, which means that I have to complete it by doing as little in the game (which means all the Road Races, the first three Tractor Tipping stages, all four Stadium Races, all four Team Relays, all four Rustbucket Races, and MAYBE all seven Ghostlight Levels) (typically games have two categories of speed running: Any% or 100%, which, 100% obviously is trying to get everything in the game to do done, even sometimes with certain glitches and exploits). This is going to be fun. And I reccomend you watch the videos and support me, that way, I can do things like this again (I'm thinking of speed running Cars 2 on the Wii next), but that's all for now.