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I'm a big fan of Disney PIXAR Cars, My Favorite Characters are Chick Hicks, Finn McMissile, Doc Hudson (R.I.P Paul Newman), Flo, Sarge, Fillmore (R.I.P George Carlin), Fletcher, Miss Fritter, River Scott, Louise Nash, Danny Swervez, Cal Weathers, Natalie Certain, Banks, Masterson, Henderson, Chuck Armstrong, Billy Oilchanger, & Todd Marcus. My Least Favorite Characters are Cruz Ramirez (Her character is weird), Sterling (Mr Krabs of Cars), Taco, Junior Scott, Stinger (Needs an actual Voice, I agree with Ramone, the silent type is cliche), Yuri, & Acer (Grem is more interesting).

Here is a list of Personal Mods I put in the Hi-Octane Mod:

  • Gave El Materdor & Mater the Greator Icons.
  • Added Emma in Arcade RustBuckets.
  • Replaced Gerald with Sally in Canyon Run.
  • Replaced Doc with Sally in Relay Race #1.
  • Replaced Snot Rod & Ramone with Mater & Emma in RustBucket Grand Prix.
  • Replaced Mater & Sherriff with Boost & Wingo in The Upper Mine.
  • Replaced Sulley with Ginormous in Waypoint #2.
  • Modified Radiator Springs Residents (Mike Version).

Favorite Games:

  • Cars: The Video Game (Original)
  • Cars: Race-o-Rama
  • Cars 2: The Video Game
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