At the moment tools are somewhat limited for the series. Currently the only game that is documented as actually supporting modding with existing tools is Cars: Mater-National and only the PC version. That being said research is ongoing and pages will be updated as new discoveries are made.

Recommended tools

  • Notepad++ or SciTE for editing text files. These both have capabilities beyond Notepad which come in handy when editing configuration and other text-based files (there are many).
  • A hex editor. Advanced features aren't currently needed, so any old editor will do. This will be used primarily for renaming things like materials and bones for a given character.
  • FileSeek for searching. More powerful than your standard Windows Explorer search, this app can search inside files to look for specific strings. Very handy if you know what you're looking for, but not where to find it.
  • QuickBMS is a generic file unpacker/repacker that works via scripts created for it. Use it in conjunction with this script to extract RES files and Cars: Race-O-Rama PSR/XBR files. Currently it is unable to recompile either, but that permalink will update should the author update the script. Use this script for Cars PSR/XBR files.
  • GIMP is a free photo/texture editor. A DDS plugin can be found here
  • XMA Transform or ToWav.exe will decode XMA --> WAV.