These are the rules that are present on the Cars Video Game Modding Wiki. Please follow them when using the site.


  1. Posts should be relevant to the topic of the page (the Forum is an exception, as anything can be posted there).
  2. Do not bully or harass another user.
  3. Do not spam by advertising your own product that isn't related to Cars modding, or by posting comments that are blank or contain nothing but random numbers or letters. Cars: IGNITE also applies to this, as all discussion should be kept on its respective wiki.
  4. Do not post anything about piracy.
  5. Do not post anything that contains inappropriate / "NSFW" content.
  6. Do not vandalize any of the pages on the site.
  7. Do not respond to posts that are over a month old -- discussion for the subject the post revolved around has already ended, and there is no point in continuing it. If you're still interested in talking about the subject, feel free to make a new post and someone will help as necessary.