Races, minigames and all other events are stored each in their own folder withing the \Data_PC\C\Act folder (or just \Act\ in the case of Cars: The Video Game). These files reference a scene to load the gameplay world, then create the event on top of it.

File formats

  • .TRK files control the waypoints or "bot paths", which are also used as invisible checkpoint for the player character. These also determine when the player is "OFF TRACK" and has to reset.
  • .TOY files control where any props are placed and the directory they're stored in.
  • .ALD files regulate how AI races work based on difficulty.

Converting Cars to Mater-National

Assuming the scene (the "world") already exists, copy over the contents of \Act\[Race name]\ from Cars (Xbox 360) to Mater-National (PC). Add an entry to ActivityInfo.dat, then another to EventInfo.dat. Edit your newly copied [trackname].toy to point to the correct directory where your props are stored. Four of the Radiator Springs races from Cars could be ported to Mater-National. These four tracks are in areas where the world layout hasn't changed since the first game. None of them are anything special but might still be fun to have.