Compilation Prerequisites

1. Visual Studio 2003 (preferred but all other VS versions will also work with project upgrading)

2. 3ds Max 8 SDK (download it here)

3. Microsoft DirectX 9 SDK 2006 (download it here)

4. Cars MAX tools source code (download it here)

5. Math 3D C++ library (download it here)


1. Open the main solution file by going to <extraction dir>/CarsTools/MAX Plugins/AllPlugins.sln

2. An installed VS version should start up and (if your VS version is newer than 2003) ask you to upgrade the solution.

3. Click "Yes" and wait until upgrading has finished.

Before compiling any project you'll have to correct include and library paths.

1. Select all projects.

2. Right click on one of the selected projects and click on "Properties"

3. Click on the C/C++ tab and under "Additional Include Directories" correct the wrong paths

4. Do the same thing with the libraries by clicking on "Linker" and then on "Additional Library Directories".

When this is done you can compile some (!) of the projects.

Why have I written "some" of the projects?

The problem is that currently you can compile only 3 projects. This is caused by an issue with some missing include files which can't be found neither in MAX8 SDK nor in D3D9 SDK.