Cars: Race-O-Rama (released in 2009) is the third video game in the Cars franchise and a follow up to Cars: Mater-National. It is available on Nintendo DS, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, Xbox 360 and Wii. It and Cars 3: Driven to Win are only main games of the franchise not to have a PC port. While powered by Rainbow Studios' engine, Race-O-Rama was developed by Incinerator Studios.

For the purposes of this wiki, the Nintendo DS version will not be researched.


  • Several variations of Lightning and Mater, including the Cars Toon versions.
  • Modified Chick Hicks, Stinger, El Machismo, Candice, Pittys for different teams and the Academy racers.
  • Guido Kart, Photo Ops and other game modes.
  • New locales: Radiator Springs Speedway, Autovia, Motorpolis and Santa Carburera (note: the entirety of the Cars gameplay world -- Radiator Springs and all -- is included as one unit here).


  • Xbox 360 models and textures can be used in Cars on the Xbox 360 and Cars: Mater-National on both the PC and Xbox 360.
  • This game uses _BR container formats (PSR, XBR, etc) to store all files. It is a new version of _BR that is incompatible with other Rainbow Studios-engined games. Files can be extracted but file names are missing, file extensions are often incorrect (the extractor has to just guess) and the folder structure is gone. To extract them pick up QuickBMS and use this script on the PSR/XBR container.