Cars and Cars: Mater-National

The Motion Control File (MCF)

The MCF is designed to organize and specify which raw motion (animation file) is played for a given action. Often these are broken into several files. The first uses the character ID (ex: Lightning McQueen = McQ.mcf). Others use the following format: [character ID]_[event]_[type].mcf, with [type] being optional (AI for an AI controlled car, PL for a playable). (ex: Lightning McQueen, Tractor Tipping, Playable = McQ_TT_PL.mcf) Presumably these are split out into multiple files to conserve on system resources loaded at runtime for a given event.

Motion files (MOT, GOT)

These are the raw animations and are controlled by the MCF. Aside from header information, MOT and GOT files appear to be identical.

Cars: Race-O-Rama

This is a bit more fuzzy, but it appears that both the MCF and raw animations are compiled into one file. The header reads BINMCF in a hex editor, which my imply that these are BINary MCF files.