This page documents only how to add events into the game's selection, not necessarily how to create/port them. For more on that, see Race information and Scene information. Additionally, this tutorial applies to the PC version of Cars: Mater-National, and the process is probably different in other games/versions.

Adding entries


  • "Directory" controls which folder to search for files in
  • "Scene" controls which scene/world the event takes place in
  • "TimeOfDay" controls the skyline, with "day" and "night" as options. This only works for the normal day and night skies, and will not affect races with sunsets and the like (such as Fillmore's Nature Preserve). Out of the nine Mater-National road races, Radiator Springs Circuit seems to be the only race that changing this line will affect.
  • "CanRunDuringDayOrNight" - setting to "TRUE" allows the previous line to work.


  • "Activity" - The name of the entry you made in ActivityInfo.dat
  • "NameStringID" - The name string to display on the selection screen. Chances are if you're adding a new event, a name string for it does not exist. These can be edited in the localization files, but require a hex editor and careful editing.
  • "Status" - Controls whether or not an event is unlocked upon starting a new game. If the event is set to "Locked", you will need to add an "UnlockCode", which controls how and when it's unlocked. No further research on that yet
  • "FrontEndPreviewImageMaterial" determines which preview image for the Drive-In Theatre to display on the selection screen
  • "IngamePreviewImageMaterial" determines which preview image is displayed in an event point in story mode.