Information for making new cars playable.

Adding new characters

Add entries to:

  • VehicleInfo.dat
  • EventInfo.dat
  • BonusContent.dat
  • FrontEndUI.toy

Characters will also need the following animation sets. It's best to copy the entries from a working charcter, then replace them as needed:

  • [character].mcf (overall file - [character] should be the name of the directory for the character
  • [character]_CS.mcf (the character select anims)
  • [character]_RR_AI.mcf (anims for AI in road races)
  • [character]_RR_PL.mcf (playable version of road race anims)
  • [character]_EX*.mcf (minigames? - optional)
  • [character]_mg*.mcf (special minigames? - optional)
  • [character]_mg_1_6tt.mcf (Tractor Tipping - optional)

Other necessities

  • Make sure that all materials are added to \Global\Chars\chars.[platform].mst.
  • Add the necessary icon files in the \UI\Tex folder, then add an entry to \UI\CarsInGame.[platform].mst


Should a character not work, here are some ways to investigate where the problem is:

  • Look into the [char]_RR_PL file and make sure that all of the animations listed are in the character's folder. If not, copy them from a working character and rename them (for example, if copying from Mater, change all of the "Mat" to the character you are making playable.
  • If a character is not moving its eyes or tires, replace the lean files and rename them. If it still doesn't work, look at the [char]_E_Eyes files.
  • If you are unable to select your character at the select screen, make sure they are in the VehicleInfo.dat, EventInfo.dat, and FrontEndUI.toy.